Our Services Dedicated Support Since 2009

CORE Defense has a combined overall experience of 50+ years ranging from Military, Law Enforcement, Government Contractors, Fire Service/EMS specializing in infrastructure and Nuclear Security Operations. Our team provides second to none support to our customers. Relationships and trust are difficult to establish and even more so to maintain. CORE Defense and our teaming partners value the professional relationships more so than any other driving force. If our customers are not successful we as a team are not successful.

Unlike some, CORE Defense is dedicated to supporting your team from inspection to implementation with continued support for the life of the product or service we provide. We understand that having to deal with Another Delinquent Service provider is taxing resulting in overall operational increased cost, frustration and eventually a decline in team moral.

No longer in today’s business environment can we simply evaluate a provider by a name, product or size of overall operation. Rather, we must benchmark and look for the added value suppliers who will stand by us all. CORE Defense will ALWASYS stand with you and your team bringing products to the table from which those companies who possess the same mindset as we do.


Core Defense and its alliance partners deliver best in class consulting services ranging from equipment/gear selection, defensive strategies and custom tailored programs.

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Core Defense, Counterforce Defense and Falcon Operations Group have been training nuclear security forces with a combined experience level of more than 50 years.

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First Responder

Core Defense’s F.R.D. mission objective is to provide training, equipment and program implementation support to our fellows whose job is to deter criminal activity.

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