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Core Defense and its alliance partners deliver best in class consulting services ranging from equipment/gear selection, defensive strategies and custom tailored programs. Our customers always come first and we view each site as our fellow team member.

Services Offered

CORE Defense’s fundamentals of providing gear, equipment, firearms, ammunition and accessory support is derived from the fundamentals of marksmanship principals. Stick to the basics and learn to shoot really well. The same mindset applies here with whatever the piece of kit maybe requirement to support our customers mission objectives.

CORE only offers products that we have personally used in theater with a proven track record of surviving several missions. The one and done concept need apply only to certain aspects, however, from boots to PPE and all items in between if product simply does not perform we will not offer it. CORE understands that there are lots of companies selling gear but our level of experience, customer service and dedication to our customers has no equal. Our team is very passionate about providing the best and delivering support for the life cycle of that equipment.

CORE Defense and VIRTRA are proud teaming partners dedicated to the supporting the Nuclear Security Forces throughout the country. In May of 2016, VIRTRA and CORE Defense have initiated a formal agreement for CORE Defense to represent their amazing training system to our specific, focused market. VIRTRA is a training system like no other and offers incredible capabilities. Since CORE originated as a training company for LE/MIL/GOV we find this system a invaluable training tool for security officers to develop critical thinking decision making.

VIRTA delivers capabilities through specific training scenarios that are either out of the box solutions such as practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship at a cost of $.01 per trigger pull, weapons qualification practice, situational and critical decision making and custom tailored scenarios based on your specific environment. We are able via SGI compliance, to film a specific area and convert that footage into a real life training event. Since SGI and CDA or extremely important, the system is configured on a stand-alone system and does not require a sort of LAN/WAN connection. In addition, for this sites who desire using actual site backgrounds, the system can be configured with secured password/encrypted and removable hard drives.

If your site is looking to save money over X amount of years by implementing a virtual training system and thus augmenting the amount of time and live ammo spent on the range this is the total package solution.

Contact us today to schedule your formal demo at your site or to arrange a formal demo via CORE Defense either in CA, FL or VIRTRA HQ – Tempe, AZ

Develop a physical security plan to meet the needs of the current vulnerability assessment. From concept design through project implementation, culminating with final acceptance and performance testing, our personnel will ensure all aspects of the physical security project are implemented in accordance with the strategic intent. In addition, we will conduct an analysis of adversary surveillance opportunities and determine optimal site surveillance locations, adversary approach paths and installation vulnerabilities. Understanding the current risks and vulnerabilities will allow management to develop informed risk mitigation strategies. Furthermore, we can conduct counter surveillance training of regional or site specific response personnel to provide proactive identification of potential adversary surveillance and planning activities targeting your facility, substation, switchyard, or critical infrastructure sensitive site.

Conduct an in depth analysis of the current physical security program to identify gaps and exploitation opportunities within the physical protection measures and/or security protocols and procedures. Evaluations will consider real world threats in line with the current threat assessment, potential trending threats as well as regulatory compliance requirements.

Conduct an FOF readiness review in line with current inspection practices and expectations. Counterforce Defense consultants will review all aspects of an NRC evaluated Triennial FOF and provide detailed feedback on areas requiring attention to meet industry and regulatory expectations. Additionally, personnel will participate in self-assessment programs such as those outlined in NEI 07-14.

Service also includes annual drill assessments, player and adversary controller training, presentation and briefing development, strategy review, scenario/event matrix development, limited scope exercise execution, MILES/SAAB training, and formal table top training. Personnel will provide liaison with the NRC/CAF, provide blast/breaching calculations, actions at target set and breaching support (i.e. cutting fences/razor wire) and design & fabrication of breach mock ups.

Our 40-hour course is designed in line with current regulatory expectations as identified in NRC regulatory guidance documents (Reg Guide 5.69) including a physical fitness test & written exams. The course is primarily scenario-based drills and tactical exercises aimed at developing a capable adversary while simultaneously equipping the trainee with requisite adversary controller skills and capabilities. Course includes live fire marksmanship fundamentals and UTM man marker CQB training if desired.

Based on current budget cuts and the 30% reduction across the board nationally to meet the Nuclear Promise requirements, CORE Defense and Counterforce Defense have developed regional Adversarial Teams to support each of the sites, fleets or alliance partners. The benefits severely outweigh the negatives not only from a cost perspective by maintaining a in house adversary team, but also the liability that is associated with adversary team members as it directly relates to the site or fleets PNL and Workers Compensation budgets.

With the new regulation in place and standards set forth by the NRC, we are working to reduce those expenses

Develop 3D model of critical elements of the facility for training support and strategy assessments. 3D model will support exercise briefings and presentation development to include strategy presentations, table top exercise training aids, mission scenario controller briefs and other media support requirements. Custom modeling solutions are available to include Alarm Station Operator simulators and Training & Qualification support models.

Training is in line with NEI 05-05 guidance consisting of scenario based exercises aimed at developing controller confidence regarding unscripted, “on the fly” controller determinations. Training is conducted with both adversary and player controllers to build cohesion and confidence among the two sides including proper radio use and communication effectiveness & efficiency.

Assist in the development of full dress rehearsal exercises. Counterforce Defense will provide one consultant to act as an adversary team lead responsible for reviewing the site CAF intel packet and creating mission scenarios in line with current CAF methodologies. Counterforce Defense will assist the site scenario development team in the creation of the scenario event matrix for each exercise. Personnel will observe and provide feedback regarding all drill day briefings and critiques to ensure alignment with industry expectations. Counterforce Defense members will act as mock NRC team members during the conduct of the briefings and critique sessions.

Counterforce Defense will provide design recommendations for site specific barrier requirements as well as analysis of the effectiveness of current site delay barriers. Mechanical and/or explosive testing of existing or proposed barriers can be conducted to provide real world data in the development of barrier timelines and effectiveness.

CORE Defense Counterforce Defense possess a specific and unique one stop shop capability designed specifically for infrastructure and Nuclear Security Forces that no other company is able to offer. Even more so is the “past performance” reviews from several nuclear sites that we take great pride in supporting. Though we may be outside consultants or contractors, we view team part of your team bringing force multipliers to the equation thus reducing the day-to-day stresses with in the nuclear security realm.

If you and your team have a tasking that requires anything from boots to B.R.E’s, camera systems, ammunition, weapons and defensive strategy development or simply another set of eye with an outside industry related perspective, then we are the added value team members you are seeking.

Contact us today and we will meet tomorrow to discuss the challenges we look forward to tackling the challenges your site/team are faced with.

CORE Defense’s team consist of several law enforcement officers from a variety of assignments both retired and still active. Our active team members are authorized by their respective departments to assist with our training division courses while our retired team members are focused on supporting agencies with the best equipment/gear procurement processes possible.

Each team member has one thing in common, they never have forgotten where they come from. Regardless of type of services be it Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS or USAR, we truly understand the physical characteristics and requirements. Our team is dedicated to supporting you and your department ranging from simple things such as on-time uniform delivery to your station so you do not have to pick up your class “B” gear. Pride in-self and pride in customer services from fellow brothers and sisters is un-paralleled.

CORE Defense’s Sr. Vice President for our FRD (First Responder Division) recently retired in 2016 and has simply changed uniforms but not the mindset. After 30+ years of Law Enforcement experience and all the lessons learned while having the honor to serve and lead several different details, that experience now is available to you.

Contact us today for additional information on how CORE Defense can assist your department on making life just a little simpler. Our ability to supply your department with a one stop shop sourcing solution is second to none. Depending on the equipment that is required, we also include a train-the-trainer program for ALL items we supplier as an added value level of support.